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Neurodiversity is a word that refers to the ways brains differ. These differences are grouped into conditions. This website helps you understand some common ones.


Neurodiversity Wiki is a crowd-sourced website that aims to spread awareness about neurological conditions. We define neurodiversity as all the ways that our brains work differently from each other. There are millions of people around the world living with conditions such as the ones above. Still, the knowledge level about this is often almost zero. This is understandable as talking about mental health is stigmatized.

The effect of this lack of knowledge can be devastating. Without knowledge, misconceptions and insensitive jokes tend to be common. These make it harder for people to tell others about their conditions. They fear how they'll be perceived or treated.

As the knowledge level of the general population increases, so does compassion and understanding. More people would feel comfortable telling others who they are and how others can help them.

This website tackles the information problem by providing short and easy-to-read information. We believe that this content should not be buried in articles on a blog, or written in complex medical language. Nor should it be local to one country, or on a website with too much focus on marketing its achievements. It's also common to only focus on one condition, even though knowledge about most of them is lacking. All these things would work against our goal of educating as many people as possible. We couldn't find a website that fulfilled all of these things, so we made one.